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What is Depression?

“Depression” is usually about trying to live in the past and can be extremely debilitating, not only affecting the individual, but also their family, friends, employment, self esteem, and ultimately, restricting their freedom to enjoy their life.

“Depression” is feeling low, down, hopeless, blue, pessimistic and/or disinterested in life or the future, unmotivated, tired.

Things seem pointless, hopeless and in deeper “depression” nothing seems interesting or inspiring except for the gratification of basic animal functions such as desire for food - of which even this can be affected.

Sometimes unaware of the reasons for “depression” or even unaware of what is really causing problems deep down, it can feel as though part of you has got stuck somewhere in the past and re-living the pain, fear or upset of that time. It can also be about guilt, shame and regret.

It is useful to understand that “depression” is a process and not a thing. We do not “have depression” we “do it”. We do not even use the word “depression” in NLP terms because it is simply not helpful. That’s why I put the word “depression” in quotes.

Many people think that “depression” is something that only years of psychotherapy and/or anti-depressant medication can relieve.

Well here is some news… “they would be wrong!”


Feel clear and light again...


I use advanced NLP techniques and clinical hypnotherapy to cut through “depressing” old patterns and processes to get to the heart of my clients “depression” in record time, usually in weeks or months rather than years and to enable them to live the life they want and helping them to:


• Feel clear and light again
• Look forward to a bright future
• Get back that energy you used to have


'But I’ve been “depressed” all my life'

Some of my clients say “But I’ve been “depressed” all my life” Well here is some more news… It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been “depressed”. I have helped my clients change their lives time and again, even with very old patterns. You see, if you can change a pattern, it doesn’t matter how long it’s been sitting there waiting for you to change it.


Or let me put it another way:
If you walk into a darkened room that has not seen the light of day for some time, and you open the room up to let in the light, does the darkness remain? No, when the light enters the room, the darkness vanishes. It happens right away!

Great side effects

Generally speaking, people tend to like people who are optimistic and forward looking. People will like you better when you’re not “depressed” anymore. They will respond to you more positively and you will have better relationships in both your professional and personal life. That may not be your primary goal, but it is a very nice benefit to have.

Feel good just to be “you”

You will start to feel great about you, and that,s contagious. People may wonder if you have just won the Lotto. You will begin to notice that people admire you and seek your company more. They will naturally be more attracted to you. And with your better state of mind, success itself will be attracted to you.

Have you ever known someone like that, whose outlook is so natural and positive that it’s just a pleasure to be in their company? That could be you?

A reason for living

You will have a great reason for living and looking forward to the future - to keep feeling as good as you already do (after your “depression” has been lifted).

Your self confidence will improve as you begin to feel good about yourself and your life......because you did it yourself!


Are there still challenges after “Depression”?


Here is where we need to do a quick reality check. Do people who release their “depression” still encounter challenges in their lives? Yes, absolutely!


Are there still important things they may want to work on? Of course! None of us are finished products and we can all continue to grow and learn. Can things occasionally still get a person down, or make them angry or sad? Of course! I am not churning out “happy robots” here. We are all human beings with a full range of emotions, even in the best of times. That’s healthy!


The trick is that we want to be equipped to deal with our challenges in a better frame of mind and when we are able to do this, there is a knock on effect where we also tend to make progress in other areas of our lives and what a difference this can make to our whole being.


How long will it take?


It is important to understand that your willingness to try new things, to release old patterns, your desire to change, your openness to self-exploration and new concepts are all important for me to be able to help you to release your “depression” and achieve a better quality of life that suits you. You CAN escape “depression”, quickly. “Quickly” for you, might be a couple of weeks or months, or you might want to take more time. I will go at your pace.


There is no pressure and at your initial consultation, we can discuss the changes that you want to make and ensure you are fully aware and ok with these changes to make sure that they fit with your ecology, which is the way these changes will effect your whole well being which may include your family, friends, loved ones, work colleagues, your goals and aspirations.

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