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Breaking Habits

Hypnosis and NLP are extremely effective tools for changing unwanted habits


What is a habit?

Habits are simply learned patterns of behaviour. 

We were not born with a cigarette in our mouths or biting our nailsYou may consciously want to change a bad habit but feel unable to change the behavior.

These unwanted habits can seem to have a mind of their own and are repeated automatically, often with little or no conscious awarene. You may simply feel that you have no choice even if you know that on some level it's not in your best interest to keep doing the habit.

This is because your habit (or learned behaviour) is controlled by the subconscious part of your mind. The subconscious may simply not know that it needs to change the behavior that it controls.

When you tie a shoe lace, read, clean your teeth, you are not consciously thinking about your actions you simply'do' them. These are examples of learned behaviour, something you have practiced and 'learned' and then do automatically.

Whatever form of negative habit you are doing, it began for a reason and its original purpose was undoubtedly positive in nature. You may have experienced a feeling of vulnerability or emotional difficulty as a child or at some point in your past and simply found that doing the behaviour was a distraction or a coping mechanism, giving you relief from the experience. As you continued to 'practice' this behaviour it became a learned response that you no longer had to think about. Now it has outlived its purpose; something that is no longer useful or necessary, but still persists.

When you've decided you want to break a habit I can help you let go of the old behaviour, replacing it with more resourceful and useful behaviours, giving you the freedom to enjoy your life. All you need to do is want to change.

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