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Stress & Anxiety

No more stress and anxiety. Imagine the difference in Your life...


Have you ever wondered why some people always seem to be stressed whilst others just seem to take everything in their stride and never seem to be flustered or overly worried? This is simple because their subconscious mind has learned a better way of dealing with these situations. The good news is, anyone can learn to overcome the effects of stress.

Stress can build up over a period of time and when you become overly stressed there can be a tendency to habitually over-react to a range of various situations as we struggle to deal with our increasingly busy lives. This over-reaction can keep triggering the bodies stress response which is commonly referred to as the “fight or flight response”, which if not balanced by relaxation (which triggers the body’s natural relaxation response), can develop into chronic stress fatigue.

It is important to realise that what we think about can activate this fight or flight response mechanism which we originally evolved millennia ago to protect us against physical threats. Adrenaline rushes through the body, our heart rate increases to pump blood faster to the lungs, muscles and brain. We breathe more rapidly to increase our oxygen levels, our muscles tense ready for action and many functions not necessary for fighting or escaping such as digestion or reproduction slow down or stop.
Whilst in these un-resourceful states, our bodies can become more at risk to illness as we exceed the ability to cope which in turn can cause more stress.


Anxiety is always about attempting to “mind read” the future. “What if” this happens or that happens. The possibilities are endless, only being limited by our imagination i.e. What-if-ing”. At this point it is useful to understand that our unconscious mind does not know the difference between what is real and what is imagined, so trying to think our way out of anxiety or stress can lead to us creating evermore anxiety provoking thoughts which our unconscious mind then believes to be real, actually activating the fight or flight response in exactly the same way as if you were actually experiencing it in reality.

Here is a useful metaphor to explain...

Imagine cutting open a lemon and seeing the zest as you cut through the peel. Then imagine slicing it into quarters and sucking the juice and experiencing the sharp, sour taste and flavour.

Take a moment to do this and close your eyes if this helps. Now, the interesting point is that there was no real lemon but did you find yourself pulling a face or imagining how the sour taste would feel in your mouth or start to salivate! This is because although there is no real lemon, if you “think it” your unconscious mind makes it real and you experience the same fight or flight feelings as if it were real.

Therefore trying to control anxiety and stress consciously can be extremely difficult and can often end up simply making matters worse. This is because what we focus on we tend to amplify, and in some cases this can be to an almost epic magnitude.

Some of the causes...

Causes of major life stress are not limited to, but can include; the death of a loved one, loss of employment, financial problems, the birth of a child, physical illness, moving home, work load etc.

Although the symptoms of stress, anxiety and panic attacks will vary, I have listed some guidelines as an indication only of the most common disorders, of which people may experience symptoms of more than one at the same time.

Generalised Anxiety a persistence and excessive anxiety or worry about events or activities which may or may not happen.

Panic the fear of having a spontaneous panic attack, where the intensity of the attack can be extremely severe.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) the experience of obsessive and unwanted thoughts and/or compulsive behaviours. This can include repetitive behaviours such as cleaning, checking, counting, repeating words silently or excessive hand washing.

Social the experience of fear, anxiety or or panic in social situations. Examples include experiencing embarrassment or fear of making a fool out of themselves in some way.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder(PTSD) the experience, or witness of, or confrontation with an event or events that involved actual or threatened death, or serious injury, or threat of physical injury of self or others. The major feature of PTSD is the reliving of the event through dreams, nightmares or flashbacks.


The good news is the very same way we were so good at using these tools within our unconscious mind to create stress, anxiety and panic attacks, by using a combination of advanced hypnotherapy and NLP techniques I can help you create equally powerful feelings of calmness, confidence, safety and comfort and changing your self image from someone who is “stressed out” to someone who is flexible and resourceful under stress, enabling you to cope much more easily and confidently, whatever the situation – building stress resilience.

You will be able to cope with and even enjoy challenges, starting each day feeling energised and grounded, physically more relaxed, mentally calmer and altogether more confident in your life with more control over your future.

If you...

• Worry about the future, exams, speeches, interviews, etc.

• Have a Churning stomach when stressed or anxious

• Have sweating palms & palpitations when put “on the spot”

• Have Panic attacks, “Freeze up” or unable to take action

I can help you...

• Become confident in dealing with life’s challenges

• Become calmer and in control of your emotions

• Feel energised to start each day with a positive outlook

• Feel lighter and even enjoy challenges


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