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Bereavement & Grief

Coming to terms with bereavement and moving on from grief.

Whether it’s a partner, child, parent, other family member, close friend or just someone we know, losing someone we love or care for is likely to be one of the hardest experiences we are likely to face.

It can leave us with an overwhelming feeling of pain and a void that is immeasurable. We all experience grief in our own way and time but for some of us it can be difficult to move beyond this. This can be particularly so if the loss was unexpected or sudden such as a tragic accident, result of violence or unexpected illness.

The whirlwind of emotions we go though during these times of grief are numerous and varied. Anger, loneliness, sadness, fear, denial, panic - these are just some of the emotions we can experience. It may seem that our lives will never be normal again but they can.

Unfortunately, death cannot be avoided and it is something we will all eventually face. It can be hard to appreciate this painful part of our existence although inside us all, is the ability to allow loved ones to live on through our memories and connection that is our love for them. Once we are able to process our grief we can begin to feel this connection again and move forward with our lives.

With the help of hypnosis and NLP you can gently begin the process of releasing the grief you are experiencing.  During this process, you will learn to experience a renewed passion for life and be at peace with the balance of nature whilst being able to feel the closeness of the person you lost.

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