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Phil Braiden

Dip Hyp Dip NLP Dip MNLP Cert PPC

Phil Braiden hypnotherapist in Wokingham & CirencesterPhil is a fully qualified and highly experienced Master Practitioner of NLP™, Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist, Sports, Personal Performance and Business Coach and is well known as a leading specialist in the field of personal change work both in the UK and Internationally.

Studying with Dr Richard Bandler - Co creator of Neuro-Linguistic-Programming™ (NLP) through the Society of NLP (of which  he is a member)  he has also trained with John la Valle (President of the Society of NLP), Paul McKenna and Kathleen la Valle. 

Phil has also studied Milton H. Erickson (Ericksonian Hypnosis), Dave Elman, Igor Ledochowski and Gerald F. Kein amongst other leading experts in the field of hypnotherapy, enabling him to blend his rare and natural talent with advanced NLP and Hypnotherapy techniques, giving him a unique empathy and flexible approach to 'key in' to his clients who come from all walks of life and with many varied problems.

He only works with clients who are committed to change and although outcomes can never be guaranteed, he is sought after for his unique style and ability to achieve impressive and consistent results.

His unique style has been developed throughout his extensive career and his first hand experience of personal ‘life changing’ events. Phil successfully combines his professional skills to help his clients achieve impressive results fast!

Phil says that he often hears his clients comment:

 'I wished I had come to see you sooner. I have put up with this problem for years and just never believed anyone could help me. I now feel as though I have my life back.'

This really sums it up for Phil, because he believes that many people are unaware of their capabilities to become free from their limiting beliefs, behaviours and problems.

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