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Treatable Problems


 QuoteI have helped many people with a wide and varied range of issues over the years. We are all unique individuals and it would not be practical to list all the problems that I can help with although listed below are some of the most common.

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Helping you to overcome...      
Addictive Patterns   OCD Compulsive Behaviour
Anxieties   Panic Attacks
Bereavement & Grief   Phobias
Blushing   Post Traumatic Stress Dissorder (PTSD)
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME)   Professional Success Coaching
Compulsive Habits   Public Speaking
Confidence Issues    Self Confidence
Depression    Self Esteem Problems
Driving Test Nerves   Self Harming
Exam Nerves & Concentration   Shyness
Fear   Smoking Cessation
Fear of Flying    Sports Performance
Focus & Concentration    Stammering
Insomnia   Stage Fright & Performance Anxiety
Jealousy   Stress Management
Low Self Esteem   Weight Control
Nail Biting    

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