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Confidence & Self Esteem

Have you ever:

  • Felt worried about something only to realise it was over nothing?

  • Been told you need to be more positive or have more self esteem?

  • Felt that others appear to be more confident than you?

  • Avoided talking to someone rather than face rejection?

  • Felt awkward and totally without anything to say?

  • Walked into a party wanted to walk straight back out again?

Well the news is that most people have!

Have you ever found yourself thinking... “I'm not good enough, I’ll never be happy, I’m worthless?”

Would you like to feel... Confident and relaxed, happy with who you are and positive about your future?

When we lack confidence and have low self esteem we under value ourselves. This can effect every area of our life. It can stop us living our life to the fullest and helping us to feel trapped in a life we don’t want, missing out on good opportunities or even relationships.
Low self esteem and poor confidence can be the root of all sorts of problems. It can also contribute to depression, insomnia, stress, isolation and loneliness.

When we were babies we did not hesitate in making our demands known. How many babies have you heard that seem to be worried whether to make their feelings known by screaming at the top of their lungs - and they didn’t care where they were! We did not worry about what people might say or think of us. We did not beat ourselves up or put ourselves down. But as time went on we learned to doubt and perhaps even dislike ourselves, leading us to believe that no-one else could really accept us for who we really are.
Consequently many of us then learn to act how we think others would like us to, developing a false image whilst feeling fake and insecure. Others may prefer to just hide away and avoid interaction with others as much as possible. Either way, feeling bad inside and never really feeling happy, or at peace with themselves.

So what is good Self Esteem?

Although it is about being confident and happy, it is also much more; it is about self belief and how we really value our self worth on every level. When we have good self esteem we do not need constant approval from others as we feel confident about our own capabilities. Having good self esteem sets us free to live the life we want and to feel empowered in all aspects of our life.

As lack of confidence and low self esteem are caused by negative thought patterns which come from our unconscious mind and are “learned behaviours”, NLP and hypnotherapy is extremely effective at removing them and replacing them with more resourceful and empowering ones. Your outlook towards yourself and others will change, creating better relationships at home, work and with friends.

I can help you with:

• Pre-exam nerves
• Job interviews
• Public speaking inc. Wedding speeches, presentations etc
• Adolescent changes
• Meeting people
• Shyness
• Relationship problems
• Low self esteem

If the issue you need help with is not listed above, (its not a complete list) please call as I am confident I can help.

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