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I consulted Phil to help me get over a phobia which was literally preventing me undergoing imperative surgery to remove a cataract. On recommendation, I consulted Phil, and after not too many sessions, I have just successfully undergone the surgery, without which I would have been unable to work, and would have eventually lost my sight.  It was initially difficult to make the first step, as I have always been a believer in the "stiff upper lip approach".  However, from the first appointment, he set me at ease, and I now feel quite the opposite!
I cannot recommend Phil highly enough. I do not believe that clinical skills on their own would work, and they need to be combined with compassion, enthusiasm, respect for the client, and belief in the treatment:  qualities which Phil has in abundance. We cannot thank Phil enough for his help, and have no hesitancy recommending him to others.


There was an incident where I fainted at work and broke my nose. Without realising, this triggered an anxiety for me that made me feel faint and panicky standing in rooms filled with people or even standing in the queue at Tesco’s!! After having a couple of Hypnotherapy and NLP sessions, Phil has completely turned my life around and these situations no longer scare me. He also taught me how to relax and deal with any of life’s everyday stresses. I would recommend Phil to anybody as he has helped me be able do things that I never thought I would be able to do, I cannot thank him enough! Thanks again

Andy H.

After my marriage fell through I was a complete wreck. I had lost my wife, my son and my home. I didn't know how to move forward or smile again.

After the first session with Phil I started to feel more confident and started to become even better at my profession. Now nothing gets to me or gets me down, my attitude has changed and I am a different person.

People say they have noticed a really big change in me for the better and seeing Phil was the greatest decision I have ever made. Now I know what I want and how to achieve it and I can not thank this man enough for the help he has given me.

I have no barriers or sadness to contend with, life is a constant buzz that I didn't have before. Thank you Phil

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